Service Offering

Compliance Management

Our compliance management team keeps track of all regulatory requirements and makes sure that operations are conducted as defined. As one of the leading call centers for financial services, we understand the importance of staying compliant and offer the solution that suits you the best.

Customer Service

Our global presence and 40+ language support allow us to tap into diverse customer segments with ease and resolve their concerns in an accessible manner. We can provide omnichannel customer service via voice, chat, email, and social media, ensuring a seamless experience for your customers.


We have a team of skilled financial underwriters. They can effectively evaluate various aspects of proposed insurance with our specialized software and actuarial data. it allows us to give your customers a clear picture on the insurance they are proposed and help them find the most suited ones.

Collection Service

Our agents are trained to manage, follow-up, and conclude collections and recoveries efficiently. We have the tools, technology, resources, relevant experience, and domain expertise to ensure a high recovery rate without compromising customer experience.

Fraud Prevention

We have stringent data security software integrated with our infrastructure capable of detecting and alerting agents about the possibilities of fraud. It has helped us stall fraudsters and deliver a secured and safe experience through customer support outsourcing for financial services.

Complaint Management

We register every interaction and follow each complaint to its conclusion with urgency. Besides complaint management, we aim to deliver first contact resolution for each complaint and ensure that the not-so-good experience turns into a better experience.

Service offerings

Customer Service

Our inbound insurance call center employs agents who are well-versed in dealing with customer queries and coming up with a quick resolution. So, we can help you build your brand reputation with maximum customer satisfaction.

Claim Support

Insurance claims could be overwhelming for any established insurance business. We can streamline your claim settlement process with minimum wait time and zero backlogs.

Cross-selling & Up-selling

With our expert services, you can boost your revenue with cross-selling and up-selling to your existing customers. This increased customer relations will also increase your brand loyalty and goodwill.