Communicate Better through Our High-Tech,
High-Touch Approach

Decades of excellence and leadership in providing support to the telecom & banking industry

To improve performance, we have aligned our high-tech, high-touch approach with discipline in Quality parameters. This means that all our management processes aid in avoiding redundancy and in delivering simpler, faster, better, safer, and more cost-effective interactions.

Managing millions of voice and non-voice transactions a year

Each customer is unique, and our diversity allows us to interact with them in a unique way. We truly believe that despite our different cultural mix with varied geographical spread, we are bound by a common thread: our shared humanity and empathy for customers.

With the largest, highly skilled, and multicultural team, our diversity is our source of strength that enables us to generate fresh ideas and perspectives.

High-service expertise for inbound sales and services, outbound sales, and telemarketing

The training & knowledge of soft skills, behavioural aspects & customer centric approach mechanism backed by analytics allows us to provide meaningful information that can be used to enhance products and services, and deliver real business results.

High - class experience in customer acquisition, maintenance, and retention

To protect our clients’ security, we constantly adapt to new technologies, monitor risks and threats, and comply with international regulations on data privacy.

Is it TP You’re Looking For?

Customer acquisition: Telemarketing, Online/Direct marketing, Promotions, Upselling, Cross-selling, New account set-up

Customer maintenance: Outbound reference request, Information center, Order-taking, Account maintenance services, Service helpdesk and technical support, Mail management, Query management

Fulfillment services: Billing, Collections & Recoveries, Complaint management, Issue resolution, Cancellations

Service enablers: Collections, Finance and Accounting, Refunds, Retrievals

Customer Retention: Value-added services, Credit extensions, Outbound customer surveys, Grievance management, Post-feedback actions

Aided by technology and fueled by our people’s passion for interactions, we are able to bring our clients’ customers closer through their preferred channels.

The PTS Impact

Achieved 40% cost savings for one of the largest B2B telecommunications providers

Exceeded KPIs in all core areas for a Fortune 500 telecom company

Improved customer experience through our responsive and high-quality services

“We are grateful for our long-term, trusted partnership with PTS. We commend their organization for providing service delivery excellence to our customers around the globe.”

Value Delivery

Transformed operating model of physical relationship managers to virtual relationship managers

Readily available capacity within existing premises with professional and credible management teams possessing a good mix of telecom industry and service delivery experience

Guaranteed cost savings and generated opportunities with enhanced CSAT and quality services

Best global practices in process implementation to deliver the best possible results using metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPI), fine-tuned to deliver the right outcomes

Real-time reporting to ensure maximum operational efficiency and effective customer experience management that is focused on automation and digital transformation

Manages operations with minimal leakage and high productivity

Dedicated teams aligned to share meaningful insights about current products, processes, and the voice of customers with clients