Our esteemed clients can reach out to their customers through multiple modes – be it SMS, Voice, Webchat, or Digital

C. AI, Machine Learning & Big Data:

Our smart solutions are built around AI, Machine Learning and Big Data - ensuring that business's gain an extra edge in the current competitive business landscape

D. Ease of Operation:

Our User interface is simple and user - friendly, offers an unmatched to our clients

Product Line-up :


Our SMS services come with the highest performance level -best in its class features, multiple API integration, enterprise-grade security, unmatched delivery speed and connectivity

A2P Messaging – Transactional, Promotional & OTP messages

Geo-Analytical SMS

Toll-free Short-code (SMS Based)

Long Code SMS


Our instant voice solutions are an effective medium of establishing /broadcasting voice message through inbound/outbound communication with consumers

OBD – Informative / DTMF / call patch

Cloud Telephony (IVR, Long Code, Toll- Free Number & Miss Call Service)

Geo-Analytical OBD


We help businesses leverage digital channels such as search engines, social media, email, and their websites to connect with current and prospective customers.

Social Media / Search Engine Marketing / Search Engine Optimization / Email Marketing / Content Marketing / Website Development & Management / Creative Strategy & Design / E-commerce Automation / Proximity Marketing

Chat - Bot

Automate your business communication channel with BOTs which reduce cost & increase efficiency. Our BOTs have best in class automation and are powered through the engine of machine learning, Artificial intelligence & Neural networks.

Lead Capturing / Flow Chat bots with Menu / AI / Contextual chat bots

Geo - Fencing Automation /
Proximity Marketing

Hyper-local marketing redefined - our algorithm defines a virtual boundary around a real-world geo-area to target localized digital audience with your brand.

E - Commerce

We are your one-stop-shop for an integrated e-commerce marketing experience, helping create consistent and relevant interactions with every shopper like re-engaging past buyers and encouraging conversions with new visitors.